Free rental walk through form!

The rental walk through form (“condition of property” rental form) is used to have the renters and tenants do a walk through inspection on the home in the first 10 days of renting the home from you. This serves as the tenant’s method to call out any issues with the property and method for which you both can agree on what is / is not wrong with the property.

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Keep Track of Everything for your Rental Property With Evernote

Evernote is a web based tool that allows you to store, organize, search, and retrieve just about any content. In our rental property business we use Evernote to store all of our documents that we get from our renter as well as send to our renter. See our list of favorite uses for Evernote and some great videos of Evernote in action after the break!

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Rental Lease Addenda – 31 Important Items to include

The rental lease addenda is a very, very important form for landlords. ┬áThis form spells out in plain english all the key things that we’ve learned over the years that our renters really need to be informed about. ┬áThis document includes but is not limited to (there are actually 31 items covered in this document) items like:

  1. Deposits and last month rent (not to be used for).
  2. Due dates and late fees for rent.
  3. Smoke Alarm Batteries Reminder
  4. Air Conditioning Filter Reminder
  5. Landscaping Responsibilities
  6. Unauthorized Repairs / Improvements
  7. 30 Days Notice Reminder
  8. Criminal Activity
  9. Move-in Inspection (Rental Property Condition) Reminder
  10. Subletting

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