How to be a landlord – The Book!

You asked for it and we pulled it together!  We collected all the content from this blog and added some extra material based on your feedback and comments here on the site and wrote an e-book on how to be a landlord.  We hope you enjoy reading it.  You can find the book in the Amazon Kindle book store and it will soon be available for the Nook and in the Apple iBooks book store!

About This Book

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Thanks for taking the time to read about our how-to guide on being a landlord! People kept asking us to bundle up this information into a booklet so that they could print the forms or quickly refer back to advice in one easy-to-use place… so we did just that!  We compiled the best posts, comments, and reader feedback into one easy-to-find and easy-to-use format here in this ebook.  This book is your source for learning how to be a landlord with reusable rental leasing forms, templates and advice that can be used by everyday people who are renting out their home or apartment for the first time and stepping into the role of being a landlord (click the picture to buy on

My wife and I have been renting out our homes for years and have a plethora of rental agreements, rental forms, lease addenda, and templates that we’ve used. Our friends and family are always asking us for advice and if we have any rental lease forms that they can use.  So instead of emailing them out one by one, we thought we would put all of our forms and templates out here on the web as an e-book and make them available to anyone that wants to use them!  We hope you find the advice, templates, and how-to information contained in this ebook to be useful. Please enjoy these rental leasing templates and be sure to rate and review the book and let us know what you think about it!

Lastly, please note that neither my wife nor I are real estate agents or attorneys or anyone with any sort of professional background in this field. You should always consult with a professional or someone in the business that you trust when starting out with rental properties and understand that you are using any of these forms and advice at your own risk.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Sample Table of Contents from the book:

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Prepared
  2. How to Get Tenants
  3. During the Lease, Some Rules of Thumb and More
  4. Transitioning Between Tenants
  5. Landlord Liability
  6. Maintaining your Rental Property
  7. Tools, Tips, and Tricks
  8. Templates and Checklists