Landlord / Tenant 30 Day Notice Template

As a landlord you can pre-print this template and include it in your packet of documents that you give to your tenant when they sign on with you.  That’s what Lee and I like to do with our tenants so that they understand that we are requiring them to give us 30 days notice that they will not be renewing their lease.

As a tenant you can use this template to send your landlord notice.  I typically will accept notice from my tenant via email as long as that’s a typical form of communication between us.  If you are renting from someone and they send emails back and forth with you it’s safe to assume that this is a valid way of sending your notice.  I would just include in your email that you are also willing to send it in writing via snail mail if necessary.  Feel free to take this template and use it or modify it to suit your needs.

Enjoy! – JC

This is a picture of a 30 days notice that a tenant would give a landlord.

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