Residential Rental Agreements

So getting your hands on a great residential rental agreement for free is a tricky one! Protecting yourself and your family should be paramount when selecting a residential rental agreement to use for your business.  In this post we will show you how we went about finding a fantastic, as close to bullet proof as possible, residential rental agreement and how you can too! Read past the break to find out how! In order to find the contract that provided the most protection to ourselves and our family and friends that were also doing this, we went to the experts to see what they used. Turns out that Realtors that rent out their homes or condos use the contracts that are written up by the association of realtor’s attorney’s and real estate professionals based on the latest trends in issues as well as laws in the state they are operating in.  Once we understood the “what” of what we wanted we needed to figure out the “how” and “where.” As it turns out this was pretty simple.  For the older realtors we interviewed that weren’t as computer savvy and didn’t want to use something called “ZipForms” to create their contracts they headed down to the local branch of the association of realtors.  At these locations they are often paired up with a real estate store that sells things like signage, business cards, and contracts!

What we like to do is to head down to our local association of realtors location and walk into “the store” where they have lots and lots of forms and contracts for purchase.  You will be able to buy a real nice set of 5 or 10 packs for Residential Rental Agreements very cheaply… I think they will even sell you a single one if you just need one.  These will cost you less than $1 each.  They are very nice and are updated every year by the association of realtors to include verbiage to protect you as the landlord from all the common things that can go wrong in this sort of transaction.  We feel so much better about using these forms rather than finding one off some free website that we decided not to offer our own “free” version here.  Instead what we’ve done is given you a sample of the association of realtors residential rental agreement form below so that you can see how detailed and comprehensive these contracts are.  Additionally, when you go down and purchase the pack for a few bucks they come with color coded carbon copies built right into the contract so you can quickly tear off the copy for your tenant and give it to them right there after they have signed the lease.  I believe that the specific wording varies from state to state based on your state’s association of realtors and common issues based on the landlord / tenant laws your specific state.  The copy that we’ve posted here is from Arizona… this is just sample and not intended to be used but instead intended to give you a feel for what you will get when you head down to your local association of realtors office.  We use the SEVRAR (south-east valley region association of realtors) office and the folks there have always been super friendly!

A link to the sample Residential Rental Agreement and Receipt for Deposit form from the Arizona Association of Realtors.

Residential Rental Agreement and Receipt for Deposit

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  1. Thank you for these tips! I will keep this in mind with my apartment rental agreement .

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