Free rental walk through form!

The rental walk through form (“condition of property” rental form) is used to have the renters and tenants do a walk through inspection on the home in the first 10 days of renting the home from you. This serves as the tenant’s method to call out any issues with the property and method for which you both can agree on what is / is not wrong with the property.

Common things that I’ve seen placed on this form include any bumps, scuffs, or dents on the walls blinds that might have one slat not working and other minor things.  This all depends on the condition you leave your property in prior to the renter moving in.

We like to have a thorough cleaning and repair anything that is an issue prior to the tenant moving in so our form doesn’t usually have much filled out.  I always ask that the tenant either scan it in and email it to me or fax it to me.  If they don’t have the ability to do that then I usually set up time to stop by and pick it up and have them walk through and show me line item by line item what they have documented.

Once I have the condition of property form in my hands and I’ve looked through and understood all the items, I then send it to Evernote using the email to Evernote technique. This condition of property form will serve as a baseline for when the lease is up to have a discussion upon move out inspection as to what needs to be cleaned or what damages will need to be repaired.

Link to the rental walk through form

Rental Walk Through Form (pdf)

Rental Walk Through Form

Link to the Condition of Rental Property Document

Rental Property Walk Through Form (docx)

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13 Responses to Free rental walk through form!

  1. maria Rincon says:

    I need to print a walk through form

    • JoshCork says:

      Feel free to print the walk through form. You should be able to click on the picture and download the form and print it.

  2. Johan S-F says:

    THANK YOU for this!
    Is there any chance that you can upload the excel-file (or is it LaTeX perhaps?) so that it can be edited?

    • JoshCork says:

      It’s actually built using Microsoft Word. I’ll try to create an Excel version and upload it if I get a chance. If you can’t wait and do it yourself please drop me a line and I can add the Excel file here! Thanks!

  3. bl says:

    any chance you could post this as an MS WORD doc so it could be edited/adapted to my particular needs? or am i missing an easy way to do that on my end? thanks!

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  5. Sarah says:

    This is really helpful, thank you!

  6. Ken Crismon says:

    Great form.

    This is my first time ever renting/leasing and I am a nervous wreck. The landlord I am working with does not seem to have anything like this in place. I also plan on recording the initial walk through on video.

  7. good advice says:

    Very good article. I definitely appreciate this site.

  8. Laura Rowzee says:

    I actually printed this out for my landlord, and filled it out. I think it surpised him that a tenant would be this thorough, but I wanted to make sure both sides were protected. Good impressions are always helpful!!

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