Free Rental Application Rental Form

The rental application rental form is used to help you screen and keep track of your applicants.  This form asks for basic information from the potential tenant including things like previous rental history, employment history, references, etc. and is intended to be printed up and filled out by the tenant.  You can use this rental application form to email to potential renters (that maybe responded to a craigslist ad) to have them fill out and scan in and email back to you. Having said that, I usually have potential tenants fill out this form at the same time that I use the authorization for background and credit check form.  I have the fill out both of these rental forms and collect the fee associated with applying for the rental property.  This typically occurs after they have come by and you’ve done a walkthrough of the home with them and they’ve decided they would like to rent the home.

Free Rental Application Rental Form

Free Rental Application Rental Form

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3 Responses to Free Rental Application Rental Form

  1. charlene says:

    Hi this is a great form but do you have a version that can be edited?

  2. David DeMayo says:

    Thank you it was free

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