Free Lease Break Agreement Rental Form

The early lease break agreement is another very handy free rental form that we’ve used quite a few times over the years.  You will use the lease break agreement rental form for agreeing to terms and conditions by which you will allow your tenants to break their lease early and move out of your rental property.  This particular form that we are giving you here should be treated as a sample or a template and has some specific dates and terms in that you will need to change based on your specific situation.

In this particular agreement we had an unmarried couple in the rental home that were engaged but decided to split up. Neither could afford the rental on their own and they no longer wanted to live together.  This was 13 months into a 24 month lease. We agreed that they would move out immediately but continue to pay for the next two months of rent while we tried to find new renters.  The tenants also agreed to forego their security deposit.  Obviously each situation is different but this rental form template gives you a good framework to work within.  You’ll see that we also included in this that they would be responsible for any fees associated to damage of the property should it exceed their security deposit.

We’ve provided both a Microsoft Office 2007 formatted word document and a PDF for those that don’t have Microsoft Office 2007 Word.


A link to the Free Lease Break Rental Form

Free Microsoft Word Lease Break Agreement Rental Form

Free Lease Break Rental Form in Adobe PDF Format

Free Adobe PDF Lease Break Agreement Rental Form

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