Keep Track of Everything for your Rental Property With Evernote

Evernote is a web based tool that allows you to store, organize, search, and retrieve just about any content. In our rental property business we use Evernote to store all of our documents that we get from our renter as well as send to our renter. See our list of favorite uses for Evernote and some great videos of Evernote in action after the break!

  1. Any emails we send to our renter we blind copy our “secret” evernote email address so that we have a copy of the conversation.
  2. Any documents that our renters sign we scan into the computer and email the file to our “secret” evernote email address so that we have a digital copy of the document stored on both Gmail and Evernote.
  3. We store all our business cards in Evernote – We snap pictures of business cards for cleaner, handyman services, contractors, as well as our tenants using our iPhones.  We do this with our iPhone Evernote app and it’s SOOOOO simple!
  4. After we’ve gotten these documents and information into evernote we can search the text from the business card, contracts, whiteboards, etc… and we can easily find any of this information on demand. By “on demand” we mean that whether we are at home, on our computer, traveling with our iPad, or out and about with our iPhone we can easily pull up all our documentation in an instant!

Here’s a few of our favorite videos for Evernote that explain functionality and show you the super cool interface and ease of use the good folks over at Evernote have enabled!

Using Evernote on your iPhone

Using Evernote on the iPad

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